Carry Transit Driver Trainer Re-Certification Class: Round One

Superior Bulk Logistics, Inc. (SBL) once again had the pleasure of hosting the first of two driver trainer re-certification classes at our corporate headquarters, located in Oak Brook, Illinois. This

It’s All About Teamwork and Leadership

Continuous training and improvement is critical to the Carry Transit Driver Training Program.  SBL is committed to preparing our driver trainers to lead in the bulk food transportation industry.

Class is in Session

It’s that time of year when annual training is cranking up. This week we have the privilege of spending some quality time with the first round of Carry Transit driver

Carry Transit & the Supply Chain Innovation Network of Chicago

Carry Transit is an active member of the SINC Chicago transportation team and working with Olive-Harvey College’s Logistics Department for CDL training. “Chicago’s first Supply Chain Leadership Council, SINC seeks

Growth Through Training

Education is the key to success in life. At Superior Bulk Logistics (SBL), we believe in the continued growth through training. From the start, new drivers attend a week long

Driver Trainer Re-Certification Class: Round Three

Our third Superior Carriers driver trainer re-certification class finished this week. Welcomed by the Oak Brook staff, it was nice to meet the people who train our new drivers. Mary

Training is Ongoing at Carry Transit

The second Carry Transit Rail & Food Safety Training meeting was just conducted in Bridgeview, Illinois. Attendees got a chance to do some hands-on training in tank wash and rail

2016 Rail Transloading Training in North Carolina

An SBL rail transloading training event was held this week in Charlotte, North Carolina.  As you can see, we had hands on training conducted by Paul and Brandon. We toured

Training the Trainers

Carry Transit is committed to providing continuous training to our employees and one of the critical links is making sure that we support our Driver Trainers. During the first week

Best of the Best

Even the best of the best know that continuous training is what makes us better.  This week I had the privilege of spending some quality time with some of our


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