Heel Team Winners at Carry Transit’s Bridgeview, Illinois Location

The Carry Transit Bridgeview terminal tank wash staff participated in a heel collection contest. The goal of the competition was to reduce discharge to the city waste stream. Below Angela

Clean DOT Inspection Award Program

In our continuing effort to promote safety, Superior Bulk Logistics, Inc. started a new Clean DOT Inspection Award Program. The program recognizes the safety efforts of our drivers with quarterly

Look Who’s #1

Sierra OTHG awards banquet and Richard Van Dyk collected a little hardware from the 2016 season. Rick said he had a great time racing with all the guys and is

Someone Has to Do it!

Honolulu in December… No it wasn’t a vacation, just another unexpected service call for Carry Transit. When customers call we listen and lend a hand, even if it means traveling

Driver Trainer Re-Certification Class: Round Three

Our third Superior Carriers driver trainer re-certification class finished this week. Welcomed by the Oak Brook staff, it was nice to meet the people who train our new drivers. Mary

SBL’s Best Dressed Chef

Who’s the best dressed chef that you know? We wanted to find out who SBL’s best dressed chef was. During National Truck Driver Appreciation Week, our terminals provided many different

A Time to Honor

This past week was National Truck Driver Appreciation Week around the country. During the week, we took time to honor all of our professional truck drivers for their hard work

Breakfast of Champions – CHILI Cook Off

Get ready to be knocked out!  

Did You Really Want It Well Done

Happy National Truck Driver Appreciation Week. Our Bridgeview, IL terminal has the grills going – cooking up some goodies for the drivers. Did you say well done or extra crispy?

Best Dressed Chef Contest

Next week, September 11-17, the nation will be celebrating National Truck Driver Appreciation Week. Please join us in thanking all the professional truck drivers for their hard work. Did you


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