Help Wanted – We’ll Be There

  State Senator Bill Cunningham (D-Chicago), along with State Representative Frances Hurley (D-Chicago) and the Illinois Department of Employment Security are holding a Hiring Fair on Thursday, July 30. Doors

Meet Heather Lee

  We are very pleased to introduce our new Terminal Manager, Heather Lee, at Vassar, Michigan.  Heather and her family have lived in Vassar since 2004.  She has been involved

Meet the Oakland, New Jersey Crew

  It’s a nice, sunny New Jersey day on the Oakland, NJ rail yard.   So we stopped for a quick pre-audit team photo.    

It’s Not your Father’s Truck

  Check out the features in our new Kenworths…. They include the NavPlus® system with truck route navigation, vehicle diagnostics, Bluetooth® hands free, USB ports and more. Also the Eaton

Paul Edwards and the Stockton, California Sentinel Program

  Paul Edwards of our Stockton, California terminal has recently joined a very unique community service program called the Stockton Police Sentinel Program. Due to a severely understaffed and overworked

It’s Summer in Texas

  Rail track repairs are just part of the planned site improvements for Carry in Arlington, Texas this summer. A lot of planning goes in to making sure that our

Audit Ready in Dayton Ohio

  The Dayton, Ohio team is always audit ready – but they still found time to pose for a quick photo during the annual ISO22000 audit.    

Carry Transit’s Multi Axle Tankers were Featured in Tank Talk

  Burch Tank manufactures tank trailers for many different applications with various axle configurations.  The food grade trailers pictured are built specially for Michigan roadways. We appreciate the trust that


  “Those who deny freedom to others deserve it not for themselves” (Abraham Lincoln).    

Decatur Alabama Looking Cool

  Even after a couple of 100 degree days, the Decatur Alabama team still looks “Cool!” Maybe it’s time for you to join a company with a team that is


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