Over the Hill???

  The Over The Hill Gang (OTHG) is the largest Veteran premier motocross club with members being over 30 years old.  Remember to be careful when you ask Stockton Manager

Savannah is Site of BevTech 2015

  ISBT’s annual meeting started with a welcome to new members. Additional beverage industry classes will be offered in 2015 so it’s time to get involved.    

I’m Attending BevTech ’15

  The International Society of Beverage Technologists is holding its annual BevTech ‘15 meeting in Savannah, Georgia April 27 – 29, 2015 to transact the society’s business. This annual event

Is Your New Office Mobile in Chicago?

  At a Salesforce Seminar in Chicago Today Mayor Rahm Emanuel mentioned that with Chicago Public Transit going to 4G, that a bus or train could be your new office.

Earth Day 2015

It is the 45th Anniversary of Earth Day. Enjoy your Earth Today!

The Franklin Park Boiler has Landed

  Carry Transit accepted delivery of its new steam boiler for the Franklin Park, Illinois rail yard.  It all came together as planned when the crane arrived on site about

Stop by Olive-Harvey College Today

  Carry Transit is participating in the City of Chicago Olive-Harvey transportation career day. Stop by and learn about careers with Carry Transit We are Hiring!    

We Have “The Solution”

  Meet Mr. Alan Wasylychyn aka The Solution to Pro Wrestling fans. It is true that there’s life in trucking after having a professional wrestling career. Alan decided to return

Please Join Us in Welcoming Carlos

  On a recent trip down to Lakeland, Florida, Carry Transit President Jim Blackmon had the chance to visit with one of our newest drivers – Carlos. Carlos came to

Today is World Health Day 2015

  World Health Day will be celebrated on April 7th, with “WHO” highlighting the challenges and opportunities associated with food safety under the slogan “From farm to plate, make food


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