Start Seeing Motorcycles

  It’s that time of year when the snow finally melts, hopefully for good this time, and the bikes start rolling out on to the streets.  With the Public and

Are You Attending the Mid–America Trucking Show?

  The Mid–America Trucking Show (MATS) is the largest annual heavy-duty trucking industry event in the world. Held each year at the Kentucky Expo Center in Louisville, Kentucky, the show

Are You Attending BevTech 15?

  The Supply Chain Subcommittee is seeking team members to join a working group to determine if there is data available to help extend the current 72 hour wash cycle

Transloading Happens with Good Drivers

  Meet Efrain. It’s a sunny snow free day at Franklin Park and he took the time to pose for a quick photo shoot. Efrain or, as his friends call

Chicago’s Going Green

  Once again the Chicago River is going green with the help of special top secret vegetable dye. Wishing you and yours a very safe St Patrick’s day.    

There is Something Fishy about this Sales Call…

  The start of an unusual sales call:  it’s Sunday 5:45 a.m. in North Dakota, (feels like 4:45 – due to losing an hour at 2), we park the truck,

Transloading Happens in Franklin Park Illinois

  Carry Transit’s fourth Chicago area rail transfer station is  open for business at the Norpaul Yard in Franklin Park Illinois. The scale is up and the boiler is coming

If a Picture is Worth a Thousand Words…

  how does one describe the sun rising on a zero degree morning in Keokuk?    

Check Us Out, Central Illinois

  March 2015 – Superior Bulk Logistics, Inc. is pleased to announce its inclusion in a television show soon to be aired nationally on the Product Showcase Network. A continuing


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